Buck-Wild Honey

Buckwheat along with the variety of wild flowers that surround our hives give our honey a rich and tangy flavor we call buck-wild! Available in 3.7 oz jar or 4 oz jar with honey comb included.

Infused honey

As delicious as our Buck-Wild honey is, sometimes we want more complex taste in our honey. So to add some variety we infuse some of our honey with natural flavors. We currentLy have three flavors of infused honey:

Vanilla: infused with premium Madagascar vanilla beans. A rich sweet taste, great on pancakes.

Cinnamon honey: infused with organic cinnamon sticks. A crisp warm taste, nice on toast.

Lavender honey: infused with homegrown organic lavender flowers. A fresh floral taste wonderful in tea, especially earl grey.


Pure beeswax candles made with organic hemp wicks. Beeswax candles are good for purifying the air. They burn long and the burn clean. Our candles have a natural gentle honey/floral scent. Available in two sizes: 1.5 oz or 4 oz.

Lip Balm

Available in tubes or tins, our

lip balm is made with our pure beeswax and Buck-Wild honey, organic coca 

butter and a touch of extra virgin olive oil. Very moisturizing and long lasting.

Garden Goodies

We grow a variety of organic heritage produce, specializing in unique tomatoes. From these fresh, organic products we make some  interesting and old fashioned jellies, jams And relishes. Each one is great as a topping or as a base for a sauce or glaze. From our homegrown harvest this year we have the following:

Tomato-Basil Jelly

Roasted Tomato Jelly

Pumpkin Pie Spiced Sun Sugar Jelly

Whiskey Sun Sugar Jam

Black Krim Marmalade

Jalapeno Jelly


Antipasto Relish


Sweet Pepper Relish

Roasted Red Peppers

Sweet Rpasted Green Peppers

Wild Harvest

 Our little slice of heaven is filled with a wonderous variety of wild edibles that we love to hunt for. Every season we find some mew treasure. This season we have:

Mulled Grape Jelly

Wild Apple Pie Jam

Golden Crabapple Butter. 

All of our wild harvested jellies and jams have a unique, delicious flavor and are worthy of gift giving!