Saanen Goats

Saanen goats are the largest of the dairy goats. These beautiful white goats originated in the Saanen Valley of Switzerland so they are hardy and handle our Wisconsin winters like they're right at home. 

Our little herd provides us with high quality sweet milk.  That milk is great for drinking straight and even better for making a variety of cheeses.  Our favorites are the standard, soft and creamy chevre and a drier, crumbly version that we make that is somewhere between feta and ricotta that we've appropriately name "Fecotta" cheese.  We use our own cheeses in much of our cooking.

But these goats are more than just sources of dairy for us, they are family pets.  Each one has its own name and personality to match. They love attention, want to play and be petted and even come when called.  When the weather is nice we like to take the whole flock out for a stroll down our meandering paths to forage for treats.

This season we've had three new kids join us!  We love to see our little family continue to grow.

Icelandic Chickens

Icelandic chickens are a heritage breed.  They are as self sufficient as they are beautiful. They are great foragers and cold hardy (though we've spoiled our babies with a palace of a coop). They are great mothers, teaching their babies to forage as well. The really fun part of raising Icelandic's is they come in a variety of colors and markings making our flock dazzling to look at.

These girls are prolific egg layers keeping us and our family well supplied with eggs.  Icelandic eggs are medium sized and ranging from light brown to creamy white in shell color.  We feed our chickens only quality organic feed to supplement their foraging.  And occasionally we give them sweet treats that they really clamor for.  All of this good food gives us absolutely amazing tasting eggs!  There really is no comparison to any store bought egg.

Contact us if you're interested in purchasing chicks or fertilized eggs.

Farm Hands

At Buck Wild Ranch everyone has a job. Our Border Collie, Haggis has one of the toughest jobs of all.  He protects our goats and chickens from predators and herds the goats when we take them out for pasture walks so they don't wander off. But most of all Haggis is a faithful companion to the whole family.

We also have a barn full of sweet, fuzzy cats and kittens that do a stellar job of keeping the rodent population at bay. Well...I say barn full but you can usually spot one or two on the front porch or back deck waiting for a scratch behind the ears and a treat.