We strive to provide as much of our own sustinance as possible.  In our organic garden we grow a plethora of produce essentials such as tomatoes, peppers, beans, potatoes, carrots and onions.  We also grow some unique items to keep life flavorful such as horseradish, charentais melons and a large variety of herbs and spices.  And for fun and practical purposes we grow our own luffa sponges!

We've also started a small orchard filled with a great assortment of fruits, nuts and berries.

Wild Foraged

Not all of  our produce is cultivated.  This beautiful land we are fortunate enough  to call home never ceases to amaze us with the bounty it provides. Each season we venture into our hills and pastures to discover something new we can harvest.   Wild  grapes, apples, yellow crab apples and elderberries are just a few of the treasures we've foraged.  

From all  of these delicious gifts of nature we are able to provide a great portion of our sustenance as well as create delightful treats to share with our family and friends.