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Simpler Life

We are Doreen and Michael Whiteside. We strive to live a simpler life with a passion for clean food and agricultural practices.  We  try to live close to the land and provide as much of our own sustenance as possible. We raise Italian bees to provide our own honey, Icelandic chickens for eggs, and Saanen goats for milk and cheese. Learning as much as we can from the example of our Amish neighbors, we have come to appreciate the value of homemade living.

Clean Food

Our large organic food and herb garden and wild fruits and foliage supply us with an abundance of culinary treasures. We focus on growing nutritious heritage produce in attempt to help preserve purity in our food supply.  And every season we forage our hilly pastures to find new gifts from nature such as wild grapes, elderberries and yellow crab apples! And we love sharing our bounty with our neighbors and welcomed visitors.

Clean Agriculture

We are committed to growing organically and in a manner that is regenerative to our land. We practice companion planting, succession planting and produce our own compost. In all ways we work to care for the earth that sustains us and to continue learning and discovering new ways to be kind to the earth as we also practice old and traditional methods.

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Buck Wild Ranch

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